Proceedings of the 3rd International
Subtropical Cities Conference

Organized by Florida Atlantic University and the Queensland University of Technology
Anthony Abbate
Kasama Polakit
Rosemary Kennedy

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Academic Review Panel

Jean-Francois Lejeune
School of Architecture, University of Miami

Allan Todd Shulman
School of Architecture, University of Miami

Dr. Praveen Maghelal
Department of Public Administration, University Of North Texas

Dr. Vikas Mehta
School of Architecture and Community Design, University of South Florida

Dr. Joo Hwa (Philip) Bay
University of Western Australia

Dr. Leonard Berry
Director Florida Center for Environmental Studies FAU

Rosemary Kennedy
School of Design, Queensland University of Technology

Paul Sanders
School of Design, Queensland University of Technology

Anthony Abbate
School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

Francis E. Lyn
School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Jean Martin Caldieron
School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

Mate Thitisawat
School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Yanmei Li
School of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Diana Mitsova
School of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Kasama Polakit
School of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University

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Abbate, Anthony & Kennedy, Rosemary


Table of Contents

Cultural  I  Place Identity

Sovani, Sumant (KES Shroff College, Arts and Commerce Mumbai, India)

City of Mumbai Economically Attached Socially Detached: A Case Study of Developmental Reality and Social Integrity

Shutter, Leigh (Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia)

Subtropical SEED in China: New Sustainable Urban Nodes in Hangzhou

LeBlanc, Remy& Brand, Diane (Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand )

Urban Float: Flexible Form in Coastal Communities 

Potts, Ruth; Dedekorkut-Howes, Aysin ; Bosman, Caryl (Griffith University , Australia )

Uncovering the City Behind the Masks: Gold Coast Identity Crisis

Polakit, Kasama & Schomberg, Yexsey  (Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA) 

Struggle for Home-making by Latino in South Florida

Caldieron, Jean-Martin & Thitisawat, Mate (Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Influence of Climate in the Improvement of Selected Informal Settlements in Tropical and Subtropical Cities 

Armstrong, Helen (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

Re-enchanting the Industrial in the City

Environment & Ecology

Doolan, Matt (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

Retrofitting Our Cities-Re-localization via Design and Cultural Change

Tai, Yuting (Delft University, Delft, Netherlands )

Water Systems and Urban Form of Guangzhou in times of Climate Change

Bassett, Shannon (University of South Florida, Tampa, USA )

Tampa as Ecological City - A Model for retrofitting subtropical coastal cities through landscape and ecology as urbanism 

Coyle, Matthew; Lane, Heather; Jou, Matine; and Stafeychuk, Inna (Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Alternative Energy Solutions for Subtropical Cities-Harnessing Wind Generated Electricity with GIS-Based Site Selection Suitability Analysis 

Mehta, Hitesh, ASLA, RIBA,Assoc. AIA,MAAKA, MAAKLA (Fort Lauderdale, USA) 

Greening China One Project at a Time 

Bay, Joo-Hwa  (University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Australia)

Social and Environmental Dimensions in Ecologically Sustainable Design: Towards A Methodology Of Ranking Levels of Social Interactions in Semi-Open and Open Spaces in Dense Residential Environments in Singapore.

Horwitz, Jill (Florida Atlantic University ,Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Down-scaling the Model, Elevating the Process: Climate Change Planning

Estiri, Hossein (University of Washington Seattle, USA)

An Agenda for Future Urban Climate Research

Van De Reit, Keith (Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY, USA);  Berger, Uta (Dresden University of Technology, Germany); Dyson, Anna (Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY, USA ); Gowdy, John (Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY, USA); Profitt,Charles Edward (Florida Atlantic University ,Fort Lauderdale, USA);  Zeghal, Mourad; and Vollen, Jason (Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY, USA)

Multidisciplinary Modeling of Coupled Mangrove& Urban Ecosystems

Mitsova, Diana;  Vos, Jaap; and  Stafeychuk, Inna (Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Seasonal variability in PAH Concentrations in Urban  Runoff Discharged to Biscayne National Park and Aquatic Preserve: Initial Results

Wall, Alexander (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karsruhe, Germany)

Re-conceptualizing Cities in the Era of Climate Change-Urban Life and Urban Place Form in the Future City

Thitisawat, Mate; Polakit,Kasama;  Caldieron, Jean-Martin; and Mangone, Giancarlo (Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Physical and Statistical Assessment of Outdoor Comfort in South Florida Region 

Social  I  Economics

Dedekorkut-Howes, Aysin; Howes,  Michael; Byrne, Jason (Griffith University ,Gold Coast, Australia); and Chapin, Tim (Florida State University, USA)

Averting  Atlantis: Adapting Subtropical Cities to Climate Change-A Comparative Study of the Gold Coast and Fort Lauderdale

O'Hare, Daniel (Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia )

Subtropical Transit Oriented Development in the Emerging South East Queensland City Region - How Well Are We Doing?

Dedekorkut, Aysi n (Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia); Mayere-Donehue,Severine (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia); and 

Sipe, Neil ( Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia) 

Do Planning Regulations Matter? A Comparison of South East  Queensland and South Florida 

Academic Review Panel


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